104+ Performance Corvette to Test at Brainerd International Raceway

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(Photo courtesy of Tim Kruse Sports Photography)

In preparation for the belated start of the 2020 racing season, the 104+ Performance/Braunschweig Racing Corvette of driver Stephen Cox will get a shakedown this Thursday at Brainerd International Raceway’s 3.1-mile road course in Minnesota.

Team owner Matt Peterson said, “We’re verifying that the recently freshened transmission is working right. We’re testing the new anti-lock braking system, the new dry sump system, and the differential and transmission cooling to make sure everything is working right without any leaks or other issues. Track time is unlimited. We have an open track all morning and afternoon, but we’ll be shooting for at least 2-3 hours of run time”

The car will be tested in multiple sessions to help replicate GridLife’s busy Touring Cup schedule of six sprint races in three days. Team driver Stephen Cox said, “You want everything to heat up and cool back down in testing. Metals and fluids and car parts all tend to expand and contract with heat, so putting the car through a number of sessions will help point out any weak areas.”

Cox will pilot the 104+ Performance Corvette in the upcoming Alpine Horizon Festival at Pike’s Peak International Raceway in Colorado Springs, August 14-16. He then competes in six more races at the Midwest Festival at Gingerman Raceway in South Haven, Michigan on October 2-4, where Cox set a World Racing League track record in 2015.

America’s first octane boost, 104+ Performance, is supporting the team’s effort as well as GT40 watches, STA-BIL brand fuel stabilizers and Sopwith Motorsports Television Productions.

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