Sopwith to Produce TV Special on 1969 Trans Am Prototype

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February 26, 2013
In the fall of 2013, Sopwith Motorsports Television Productions will air a television special on the remarkable Titus Trans Am Prototype automobile.
Filmed on location in Detroit, Los Angeles, Lexington and Indianapolis, the documentary will feature interviews with the Trans Am's original designers, never-before-seen photos of the car from its 1969 public release, and complete coverage of the modern restoration.
Prior to the public introduction of Pontiac's legendary Trans Am sports car in 1969, the manufacturer built only two ultra-rare prototype models which were loaned to the press for preliminary reviews.
One of these prototypes, along with five Pontiac Firebirds, were placed in the hands of championship racing driver Jerry Titus to be turned into racecars for the Trans Am road racing series. At least three of these cars were stripped and prepared for competition.
The sixth car, which was one of the two original Trans Am prototypes, was quietly held in reserve, driven sparingly by the famous driver's family. Through a unique quirk of fate, this most famous of Pontiacs was somehow spared destruction and has been re-discovered. The car is now undergoing a total restoration to return it to original condition.
The new documentary will be a special treat for both automotive enthusiasts and motorsports fans. Filming began February 20th at the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. Complete details and air times will be released shortly.
Still photos from the initial filming in Los Angeles may be seen here.
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