Cox Gets Sneak Preview of Spectacular Mustang Collection

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“The Kenny and Marilyn Newcombe Mustang Collection is one of the finest collections of Fox body Ford Mustangs I’ve ever seen,” Mecum co-host Stephen Cox said after reviewing the cars last week in Atlanta. “Leave it to the Mecum crew to consign a historic collection of this importance. They’ve found something pretty special.”

Ford manufactured what is now called the “Fox body” Mustang from 1979 through 1993, making it the longest running generation of Mustang to ever grace the roads. The Euro styling appealed to early 1980’s car buyers, and the powerful 235 horsepower 5 liter engine appealed to muscle car fans of the early 90’s. The Newcombe collection features fifteen vehicles, 11 of which are of Fox vintage. A teal colored 1993 SVT Cobra leads the pack, along with a pair of pristine ’93 LX convertibles and a rare 1990 “7-Up” contest car.

“I think we’re going to see a new high water mark for values in Fox Mustangs,” Cox continued. “The Newcombe’s are wonderful people and they’ve given these cars the best care possible. They gave me the grand tour of their entire restoration and storage facility and I was pretty impressed. I’m anxious to see them go on the Mecum auction block.”

The entire collection will go up for sale at Mecum’s famous annual event at Kissimmee, Florida, January 4-15, 2023.

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