Victory at 14 Hours of Daytona

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The expertise of Lowcountry Motorsports and a dash of racing luck gave Indianapolis race driver Stephen Cox his 26th career victory in the Champcar Series EC class at last weekend’s 14 Hours of Daytona sports car race at Daytona International Speedway in Florida.

Cox drove 3rd in a four-driver rotation that included former NASCAR driver A J Frank as well as former Champcar winners Logan Cozzie and Doug Stewart, Jr. His first 95-minute stint included an intense battle for the point position in which Cox traded the lead three times. Lowcountry Motorsports eventually settled into second place and appeared destined for a runner up finish when fate intervened. With only 40 minutes remaining, the leaders dropped out with mechanical failure and Cox’s team took the victory.

“A J and I have been friends for years, since the old Hooters ProCup days,” Cox said. “It was a real honor to drive for him. This was really a win for A J, Doug, Logan and the crew. I was sorta the beneficiary of their talent. I was in the right place at the right time to get a great ride, excellent advice on how to learn the track, and I managed not to tear up the car. My teammates really did the heavy lifting and laid down some super hot laps and the crew was flawless.”

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