WOMEN IN FORMULA 1: The Stirling Moss Debate

April 22, 2013
83-year-old Formula 1 legend Stirling Moss has once again spoken with conviction and said what he really believes to a world that has no convictions and doesn’t know what to believe. And the reaction has been as predictable as sunrise.

SHORT TRACK: Expert Advice on What Not To Do

October 22, 2012

Some nights I stay up
cashing in my bad luck,
some nights I call it a draw
There are three rules in short track racing. Number 1, don't give up the inside groove. Number 2, survive at all costs. And Number 3... don't forget Rules 1 and 2.

Darland Chosen for First USAC TV Show

8/24/11 - USAC sprint car driver Dave Darland of Nine Racing has been selected by Sopwith Motorsports Television Productions to be the first driver featured in the upcoming TV series on the famed Indiana Sprint Week auto racing event.

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