Sopwith to Produce Super Cup Series Broadcasts

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June 20, 2011 (Indianapolis, IN) – Sopwith Motorsports Television Productions has partnered with the Super Cup Stock Car Series to create a new multi-media platform and bring their racing events to fans through video and television.

The Super Cup Stock Car Series is an eastern touring organization that frequents historic venues including Old Dominion Speedway, Hickory Motor Speedway, Columbus Motor Speedway and other staples of the stock car landscape. Driven by such stars as NASCAR’s Todd Peck and series champ Jody Harrison, the steel-bodied 550-horsepower cars are perfectly suited to the south’s legendary bullrings.


30-minute tape-delayed broadcasts are planned for upcoming races, likely beginning with the July 30 event at Old Dominion Speedway near Washington DC. While television network agreements are being finalized, each episode will air on two major web-based racing networks as well as dedicated Super Cup channels on Vimeo and You Tube. Super Cup racing will also be available on-demand via mobile devices such as I-pods. The second phase of program development includes television syndication with Sopwith’s existing partner networks.


“It’s important that we establish the broadcast right away using the obvious tools right in front of us,” said Sopwith CEO Stephen Cox. “Television is our primary goal, of course, but starting mid-year presents a unique situation. The first task is to tap the potential of the web and get each race, each episode and each promotional video online immediately, and then establish a bank of stock footage. When we approach our television partners, we need the ability to offer a full season of racing action with enough supporting material to produce feature programming.”

Sopwith Motorsports Television Productions supplies programming to Fox Sports, Outdoor Channel and other national networks. Program details for Super Cup racing will be released shortly.

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