Sopwith to Produce “Webb’’s Auto Body 100 Presented by Boschett Timepieces”

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7/21/11 -– The first-ever national broadcast of a Super Cup Stock Car Series racing event will take place at the “Webb’s Auto Body 100 Presented by Boschett Timepieces” at Virginia’s Old Dominion Speedway on July 30th.

Six cameras will be employed to cover the event including a primary overview camera, ground level cameras in Turns 1 and 4, a mobile camera crew working along pit road, and at least two on-board camera systems mounted on racecars.

The show will have a slightly different presentation according to executive producer Stephen Cox of Sopwith Motorsports Television Productions. “"We'’re going to relax the program a bit. We’re going to talk to some drivers and teams and show off the series in the best light possible. We want our audience to get to know the stars of Super Cup, to see the cars up close and educate them on the series. You’'ll definitely see some great racing, but we’re not going to be afraid to leave the racetrack occasionally and let the viewers breathe a little.”"

The tape-delayed broadcast will air on beginning in October, airing twice weekly for one year. There is also a strong possibility that the program will re-air on various national television networks in 2012, although Cox said the effort was a work in progress.

"“Series president Joe Schmaling gave us to clear goals,"” Cox continued. "“The first was to grow slowly and intelligently. Yes, we could take the program straight to a major network but we don’'t want to bury the show financially before it gets off the ground. And since we’re starting mid-season, we don'’t have enough episodes for a full television series anyway. Secondly, we want to make the very first show universally available anywhere in the world, even on iPods and iPhones. We'’re doing as Joe asked, and that'’s why we chose Television will follow."”

In anticipation of television airings, the program will be presented in a 30-minute TV format. This requires 22 minutes of actual content with 8 minutes reserved for commercials. The show will be assembled in four segments, which is again typical of a television broadcast.

A trailer for the program will be released in August to promote the upcoming broadcast.

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