Sopwith Motorsports Announces Partnership with Boschett Timepieces

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February 15, 2011 (Indianapolis) – Sopwith Motorsports CEO Stephen Cox today announced the company’s long-term marketing partnership with Boschett Timepieces, whose brand of finely crafted Swiss wristwatches will be associated with Sopwith’s television productions and auto racing endeavors.

Boschett is known for their world-class customer service and high quality standards. Select models combine a gold-plated, 25 jewel automatic movement made in Switzerland with a sapphire crystal and 300-meter water resistance rating. Boschett watches are on par with many of the world’s finest timepieces, yet they remain remarkably affordable.

Keith Boschetti, president of Boschett Timepieces of New York, said, “An automatic watch has about 100 moving parts working together. I’ve always been fascinated by the merger of mechanical precision and human skill, and racing is an extension of those principles. I watched the Indy 500 every Memorial Day as a kid and remember going to see Paul Newman race at Limerock when I was ten years old. I’m happy to have our company directly involved in the sport.”

Boschett’s official web site ( now features a short teaser identifying the brand with the desert racing lifestyle. It is the first of many new videos establishing the brand’s commitment to motorsports enthusiasts in several different disciplines of the sport.

“Our demographic target is pretty well defined,” Cox said. “We’re identifying Boschett’s brand with the grass-roots level of road racing because we feel there’s a real gap to be filled at the club and regional level. We’re also going into both amateur and professional desert racing, including the Baja 1000, where our race team is active. These are genres of the racing world that have never really been targeted by a watchmaker. We want Boschett to represent these racers, to really identify with them, and highlight their contribution to auto racing.”


About Boschett Timepieces: Boschett offers premium quality watches at prices that are easy on your wallet. Our commitment to excellence assures your Boschett timepiece will be worthy of the utmost admiration and is destined to become the pinnacle of your collection. Boschett timepieces are made in state-of-the-art facilities by the most experienced of watchmakers. Our Swiss manufacturing partner has been crafting timepieces for more than 100 years. Quality and attention to detail is paramount.

About Sopwith Motorsports: Sopwith Motorsports Limited is a television production company specializing in motor racing, as well as an Indianapolis-based racing team competing on road courses, desert courses and off-road racing. Sopwith creates television programming for Fox Sports, Outdoor Channel, America One Sports and MavTV. Sopwith’s race teams have won two championships and over a dozen events while competing in nearly every division of auto racing.

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