SHORT TRACK: Be Sure to Attend One of These Races in 2015

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February 24, 2015
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A truly great fan experience at an auto race is typified by several things. The cars should lose grip and slide in the corners, and fans should be able to see it. They should be able to see the driver's hands struggle on the steering wheel to maintain control. They should be able to see all, or at least most, of the race track. This combination has drawn crowds to race tracks for over a century.
For stock car fans (we'll address open wheel fans in a later column), the Super Cup Stock Car Series has emerged as one of the best buys for your racing dollar. They offer everything a short track stock car enthusiast could want.
Super Cup brings you the short track show that NASCAR long ago abandoned. The cars are big. Most of the teams use former Nationwide cars, or machines used in the heyday of the old Hooters ProCup Series. They are steel bodied late models that actually look like automobiles. Slant noses, sheet metal bodywork and big wings are not allowed. The cars are attractive and exciting to watch.
Mechanical grip on a Super Cup car is fairly low. The American Racer slicks offer a steady, predictable ride with modest grip and a long life. The drivers are not afraid to hang the tail end of the car out because they know the tires will stay under them.
And with well over 600 horsepower on tap, the cars lose rear grip easily in the corners. Race fans can easily see the cars being manhandled through the turns, and you can watch through the windshield and see the driver's hands visibly working the steering wheel.
The Super Cup series specializes in half mile ovals. This year's schedule tours the Ohio/Pennsylvania region, with events at Jennerstown Speedway, Columbus Motor Speedway, CNB Bank Raceway Park, Motordrome Speedway and Midvale Speedway.
The cars are fast, hitting 115-130 miles per hour on the straightaways at banked half mile tracks. Their V8 engines make a pleasing growl that resonates with stock car fans.
The drivers are superb. Defending series champ J. J. Pack just returned from Daytona after competing in the ARCA race prior to the Daytona 500. Kevin Kromer and Brent Nelson have extensive short track backgrounds and both are Super Cup race winners. Camping World Truck series regular Todd Peck runs the Super Cup series on his off weekends. The Super Cup talent pool is deep and growing.
Yes, I have driven quite a few races in this series (and might be returning) and yes, I am biased. But that experience also affords a bit of insight. If you're interested in watching high-end touring late models with big, powerful V8 engines go really fast at half mile tracks, and you'd like to get bargain, local track ticket prices, then trust me on this one…
Go see a Super Cup race. You won't be disappointed.
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