July 29, 2013
Okay, I'm bending the rules on this one. Most of you have seen the Milwaukee Mile on TV, even if you haven't been there in person. But The Mile deserves a spot on this list because there's just something special about driving on a racetrack that has hosted every great American driver in history. The Milwaukee Mile is virtually alone in staking that claim.

RACING PAST 40, Part 1

June 10, 2013
I have wonderful news. Being twenty-one years old doesn't really make you good at anything. It just makes you twenty-one.

NASCAR and Congressional Blackmail


April 15, 2013
Auto racing has once more been turned into a political circus by a politician who apparently has so little actual work to do that he must fill his time by advocating media censorship.

JEREMY CLEMENTS: Another Witch Hunt Gone Bad

March 11, 2013
I wanted to let the dust settle on this story and see public reaction before writing on it. And after doing so, I've come to a startling conclusion: America isn’t following the script anymore.

Why Won’t Anyone Examine My Helmet?


March 6, 2013
Have you ever had one of those enlightening moments when a truth really dawned on you? Call it an epiphany. Or maybe a revelation. Whatever it was, I just had one the other day.

10 GREAT RACE TRACKS YOU’VE NEVER SEEN Part 1: Hallett Motor Racing Circuit


February 4, 2013
By 1976, the golden age of American road racing was behind us. Barely. Economic recession had burdened the sport from without while an unhealthy obsession with rules-making had doomed it from within. What would soon take its place was an unrecognizable mixture of economy cars draped in Euro cladding and handcuffed by rabid rules-makers who, over the next decade, would turn auto racing into the most over-regulated sport in the world.