Carroll Shelby’s Turbine: The Car That Was Supposed to Win Indy

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The Botany 500 Shelby Turbine Indy Car is among auto racing's most famous near misses. 
At the peak of the turbine-car wars at Indianapolis in 1968, the Shelby Turbine was touted as "the nearest thing to a sure winner" that the track had ever seen. Yet only days after its arrival at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the car vanished in a cloud of rumor and accusation. 
Written by Sopwith's Stephen Cox, the new Mecum catalog on the car has now been released and may be read entirely online. The original #66 Shelby Turbine Indy Car will be featured at The Daytime Auction by Mecum at Monterey, August 14-16, 2014. 


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