JR Fastener-Section 8 Crew Salvages Tough Night at Sebring

Indianapolis racing driver Stephen Cox returned to Sebring International Raceway Saturday for the 12 hour Champcar endurance event scheduled to begin at 6 pm with the checkered flag falling at 6 am Sunday morning. Plagued by a series of mechanical woes, the team’s crew worked feverishly to keep their Ford Mustang GT in the race. The team eventually secured a 4th place finish in class through attrition and determination. “The car is super fast. It’s well engineered and the suspension and brakes are fantastic. My co-drivers were superb and no one works harder than Allen, Richard, Alex and the crew, Read More

Rebuilding My Totally-Not-Collectible Mustang, Part 9

It seems that I titled this series prematurely. Blue Thunder – my two-owner 1980 Ford Mustang – was once among the least desireable Mustangs in existence but is now soaring in value. Not only are Fox body Mustangs increasing in price across the board, but it turns out that the coupes (sometimes called “notchbacks”) are among the most prized ponies in the corral. The last two weeks were spent installing a new suspension system. Specifically, the car is now outfitted with lowering springs (650 lbs in front, 250 lbs in rear), performance rear upper and lower control arms, new stabilizer Read More

Rebuilding My Totally-Not-Collectible Mustang, Part 8

Blue Thunder, my 1980 Ford Mustang, was born as a 2.3 liter four cylinder but has gone through a progression of four small block engine installations. As a result, I’ve learned a few hard lessons about cooling a V8. We initially tried leaving the original radiator in place, fully expecting to have cooling issues. We were right. Ford’s original paper-thin radiator was no match for even a stock 302 engine. The only way to keep it cool in the summer was to maintain 50 mph. At low speeds the temperatures crept north. At stop lights it was sometimes necessary to Read More