10 GREAT RACE TRACKS YOU’VE NEVER SEEN Part 1: Hallett Motor Racing Circuit


February 4, 2013
By 1976, the golden age of American road racing was behind us. Barely. Economic recession had burdened the sport from without while an unhealthy obsession with rules-making had doomed it from within. What would soon take its place was an unrecognizable mixture of economy cars draped in Euro cladding and handcuffed by rabid rules-makers who, over the next decade, would turn auto racing into the most over-regulated sport in the world.

INDYCAR: Who’s Qualified and Who’s Not?


January 28, 2013
Here's what you're supposed to believe:
Franchitti, Kanaan and Castroneves enjoy a special Divine Blessing. They are qualified to drive Indycars. 
Milka Duno, Hiro Matsushita and Dennis Vitolo were not.

Shelby’s Last Stand: The Forgotten Mustang Group 2 Racer


On a hot summer afternoon in late August 1966, the telephone on John McComb’s desk rang.
On the other end was automotive design engineer Chuck Cantwell of Carroll Shelby’s legendary racing shop, calling with the surprising news that Shelby had a Mustang Group 2 racecar for sale.