15-Hour Sports Car Race Next for Cox

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After spending the late summer entirely on ovals, Indianapolis driver Stephen Cox will return to a road course this weekend for Champcar’s 15-hour sports car endurance race at Atlanta Motorsports Park in Dawsonville, Georgia.

Cox is the most recent addition to the Jacksonville-based Ford Mustang team of Dwayne “Tater” Kelley, teaming up with former dirt drivers Kenny Blair and John Warren under the supervision of crew chief Pat Smith. In his first outing with the team, Cox will be seeking his 8th top ten finish and second win of the 2021 season. The team’s SN-95 generation Ford Mustang features a 320-horsepower, 4.6L V8 engine and full race suspension and will carry the name of JR Fastener Corporation as primary sponsor.

“Atlanta is a tough track with no real straightaway, so handling a big V8 on this course will be fun. I spent last weekend in Chicago with Chris and Cindy of JR Fastener and they’re excited about the event,” Cox said. “Chris is a big Mustang guy and owns a gorgeous Shelby GT350. Brian Broderick is a huge supporter of motorsports and I’m really grateful to have backing from both Brian and Geezup. It really takes that kind of behind-the-scenes support to succeed in auto racing.”

Cox is a three-time winner in endurance racing. His 15 career starts in this specific discipline of the sport have also produced 9 top tens and 7 podium finishes. He sponsors include JR Fastener Corporation of Bensenville IL, Geezup collector car specialists and Brian Broderick. The team is sponsored by TravelCamp, John’s Automotive, Southern Dirt and Debris and Racer Walsh.

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